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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rock the Vote

Our very own "Kage" aka Kristy Glass has been chosen as one of the 12 finalists in the New Host Search for the PBS show, Real Savvy Moms. The winner will be decided based on the amount of votes received, so please CLICK HERE TO VOTE. You can also check out her awesome video (and I guess you could check out the others too but don't you dare vote for them). She is perfect for this hosting job.

It won't take more than a minute. You don't have to be a member of the Real Saavy group. Just go vote and remember you can vote once per day until April 20th. We'll add a link at the top of the sidebar to make it easy for you.

Please help our Tales Girl and pass the news along. I have seen Mormon e-mail chains do amazing things. It's time to initiate one right now. Let the forwarding begin.


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