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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bicycle Skeelz

A little post over at MMW mentioning a preschoolers use of the word octogon reminded me of this little ditty:

DH took Princess out to ride her bike a few days ago. She got a new "big-girl bike" for Christmas. He has been raising the training wheels slowly while helping her hone her riding skills. This particular day he was working with her on steering. This mostly consists of getting her to pay attention to the road. Sounds simple, but to a four year old, the stuffed animal she carries in the bike's front basket and the neighbors she must wave to while riding by are far more interesting than the blacktop.

So the father-daughter bicycle lesson begins:

DH: Let's try riding in a circle.

Princess: No, I want to try riding in a HEXAGON.

DH: Um, okay.

Next, DH showed her how to do a "Figure Eight". Then Princess (manuevering her bike in a long series of twists and turns) showed daddy how to do a "Figure 9" a "Figure 5" and a "Figure Rose".

What can I say, the girl's got skeelz.


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