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Thursday, December 04, 2008

So Long, Farewell

With blog posts being scarce these last few months and pretty much nonexistent the last few weeks, I am sure it does not come as a surprise that the Tales girls have abandoned the Crib. I figured the least I could do is stop by to say a proper goodbye and say thank you to all our readers for hanging with us. Over the last three years we have had so many enjoyable, controversial, and informative conversations here. It's been a place to maintain the friendships we started in NYC and also foster new friendships with women all over blogland.

But now, it seems us contributors no longer need what this blog provided for us when it began. Back then, many of us were new mothers living in new places struggling to find our support system. I needed the blog to help me ease into my new life away from the city and away from the women who stood by me as I began my new career as mother. Now, our lives are filled new businesses, new children (in fact there are so many new ones, I couldn't keep our header with the right number), new health issues, new homes, new responsibilities and new friends as well as old friends and so it seems it is time to move on.

And while we have abandoned this community blog, the Tales girls have not abandoned each other or blogging. We still keep up with each other through our private MyFamily website and many of us have begun our own personal blogs which you are welcome to frequent.

Thanks to all the contributors and readers for sharing this blogging experience with me.  The blog will continue to stay up as long as blogger hosts it.  I know I come back often to reference things in the archives and I hope you do to.

Hopefully I'll see you around!

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