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Thursday, September 11, 2008

7 Years Later...

(photo taken by Chloe at Ground Zero in 2004 - wreckage from the Twin Towers was used to form the cross on this now hallowed ground)

7 years have passed since 9/11/01. As many of you know, all of us here at Tales are and were at one time or another New Yorkers. Today is a tender day for us.

You can visit our September 2006 archives to read a few pieces we wrote about our personal recollections of 9/11 (or there's a complete list here). I have found it difficult to read those pieces on any day other than 9/11 - it's just too painful, too raw even 7 years later.

But we are resilient...and 7 years later we are here raising families, working, serving, loving, living. And that is what I will focus on today, 9/11/08.



  • what a beautiful and haunting photo, Chloe...thanks for sharing and remembering.
    posted by Blogger Jen at 9/11/2008 06:26:00 AM  

  • Thanks for sharing. I think remembering is so important.
    posted by Blogger Karen at 9/11/2008 07:48:00 AM  

  • its hard to believe it's been 7 years. The more time I spend in NY and the more I become a new yorker the harder it is for me to read about all of it and the more my heart aches.
    posted by Blogger Kristie at 9/11/2008 07:56:00 AM  

  • I can't believe it's been seven years, too. DH and I were just saying that last night. Thanks for posting this today.
    posted by Blogger Beth at 9/11/2008 08:00:00 AM  

  • I love the cross there at ground zero, nice pic btw. I actually drove by ground zero some time this year and it was the firs time I had been back in a while. It has changed so much. It's strange to see it look different...foundations being laid, construction paraphanelia.

    Last night I drove into town bleary-eyed at midnight and I saw the flag at half-staff and I was like: what happened? (I have been isolate in the mountains for a few days and out of touch), and then it all came flooding back to me. Oh yeah, 9/11.

    And at 8:45 AM this morning, at the exact time that we remember 8:45 AM 7 years ago, I texted my husband: call me when you get off the plane, I want to catch up.

    Haunting that he had a flight today, and that they are even allowed.
    posted by Blogger Kage at 9/11/2008 08:19:00 AM  

  • I will never forget the moment I found out about this terrible tragedy... like most of us... we remember exactly where we were, what we were doing and the shock that filled our body.
    posted by Anonymous Liz Rosenbaum at 9/15/2008 08:20:00 AM  

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