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Monday, July 14, 2008

Learning to Spell...

My 5 year old's new favorite activity is to write stories. He sounds out the words that he needs and throws in a few of his own design. It's entertaining to watch him put it all together; I'm grateful that he enjoys learning and reading/writing.


This morning at the kitchen table this was our conversation:

Son: Mom, what letters make the "oo" sound?

Mom: Oh, that's two "o"'s together.

Son: Thanks.

Time passes...

I go back to the table to see that he has written "boos".

Mom: You wrote "boos". What is that? Did you mean "boo" or "book"?

Son: (said with a big grin) Nope. I was writing "boobs". I WANT TO WRITE BOOBS!

I am now seriously considering homeschooling as I cannot imagine sending this kid to kindergarden in one month...


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