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Saturday, June 21, 2008


Before Poopy was potty trained, we always knew when she was pooping.

She'd run into her room, slam the door and brace herself by holding on to her toy refrigerator. This was her self-appointed lavatory.

Since she has been potty-trained...going on about 4 months now, she still sometimes runs into her room and slams the door. I know exactly what she is up to, and can most of the time, easily coerce her into going on the toilet instead of in her panties.

The past two mornings, while I have been trying to get some extra zzzz's, I have heard DH discover her, post-poop....and her claims: "I'm just being quiet!" as opposed to, "I just pooped my pants and now I know I am in trouble!"

This morning during the drama, I had a vision of a little service bell being attached to the top of her toy refrigerator, so that the next time she assumed the position, she might ring that bell (she is one of those kids that can't resist that kind of thing).

At Target a few hours later, there was a bell in the dollar bins! SCORE. I have now attached and I await whether or not it will work in the future.

Also this week, my going-on-4-years-being potty-trained, Pukey, also pooped her pants.


We were at Central Park playing on the playground with a friend, and she ran over, holding her backside, face red and a look of panic on her face. We found the latrines which were the most retchid I have EVER seen, and I quickly removed her leggings and panties. These panties weren't like skid-mark pooped in, this was like a full out Bowl MOVEMENT people! I threw the leggings and the panties down into the large disgusting hole of disgustingness and tried to clean her as best I could and then put on her swimsuit under her dress (lucky I brought it!)

I did not make a big deal of this, because she had a friend with her and I honestly think it was a fluke.

HOWEVER, both of my children are like pooping their pants and I am starting to ask myself....is there more to this?

I don't think it's their diet. I don't think they are experiencing trauma...certainly in the past perhaps, but not now. It's summer, good times rolling. I am much more emotionally stable since I started exercising again, and for crying out loud the stress of violin recitals is over and yadda yadda yadda.

What is going on? Do I actually need to start carrying wipes and an extra set of panties in my purse again?


  • I think it's always a good idea to come prepared with an extra set of undies. You just never know. Sometimes my kids just get too involved in what they're doing, ignore the signs, and before you know it, bam. Soiled underpants. I wouldn't worry too much about the psychological reasonings. Sometimes accidents are just that.
    posted by Blogger jlk at 6/21/2008 11:48:00 AM  

  • My almost three year old is not getting the poop into the potty thing. She's also gone backwards on pee into the potty but poop is a no go at all. I was trying to explain to her this afternoon that in order to start gymnastics after she turns three she needs to start getting poop into the potty. She was kinda like whatever but right as I started getting her into bed for her nap she let out a little cry and said she didn't know how to get poop into the potty. So I talked to her about how I would help her learn.

    I was getting pretty frustrated with her, but I think she really is just becoming aware of her bowel movements. They're usually soft and she rarely does anything to let me know she's pooping. It's always after the fact and she has no routine.

    I was worried that she was going to be one of those kids who didn't care or would poop in her panties just because it doesn't seem to bother her.

    I hope the bell helps, and at least she has a routine you can try to work with.

    I wonder why some children hate going poop into the toilet?
    posted by Blogger Lacey at 6/21/2008 03:01:00 PM  

  • I'm sure Pukey is just a fluke...and probably Poopy is just doing a little normal backsliding. Maybe you should get the rewards out for pooping in the toilet again...just until she is back on track? just an idea.
    posted by Blogger Jen at 6/21/2008 03:13:00 PM  

  • I am so right with you. My almost 3 yr old has been potty trained for over a year now. But pooping, that's another story. She knows when she has to go, and usually goes when she is supposed to be taking a nap. Each time, we say how we are to go poop on the toilet. She will even hold it for days. I have been completely frustrated. I have done all the rewards, been positive and encouraging, but still no progress....until today, maybe! For the past two days, she will start to do it in her pants then stop and tell me she pooped. When we discover no poop, we sit on the toilet and she goes! Amazing, I'm thinking maybe she might have it. Then there is my 6 yr old. He knows he has to go, he just doesn't want to stop what he is doing and take the time to go. And it doesn't bother him to poop in his pants. He will also hold it for days, just to avoid missing out. I have seriously tried EVERYTHING with him. But, now since lil sis is making progress, he feels left out and now he is making progress. Go figure! Hang in there, always come prepared and keep being positive and encouraging. And I love the bell idea!
    posted by Anonymous idaho at 6/21/2008 04:15:00 PM  

  • yeah, i think it will work itself out. so maybe carry some extra stuff with you just in case. What you can't do is stress about it or pressure them. It will only make it worse. I have a nephew that had trouble for a long while and his dad kept scolding him and getting really angry everytime. it made the boy more frustrated and embarrassed and frankly, they have a rocky relationship even these few years later. (of course not just related to the pooping) the boy would hold it for days too and the parents would do soppositories. (SP?) it was just SO tramatic to watch. i can only imagine how the little kid felt.
    I would keep up with the rewards for poopy though to help her through the backslide and maybe Pukey had too much fiber? : )

    also, can you change a BM schedule? Is it possible? would be great if it was always when they were getting out of their clothes, right before their baths.... in a perfect world.
    posted by Blogger Kristie at 6/21/2008 07:24:00 PM  

  • good idea with the rewards again...

    as far as the bell....I have heard it go off a few times, and even this morning twice, followed by some suspicious postures (but no poop yet)

    I have tried to really keep my cool and patience but DH gets a little worked up at first and then he backtracks, calms down and explains to the Poopy...anyway....we keep going right?
    posted by Blogger Kage at 6/22/2008 04:18:00 AM  

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