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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Freebies from the Crib: Tassi Winners

And the winners of the ingenious Tassi hairwraps are:

1. Laurel who said "Amazing how little things can simplify life!"
2. Carrie Carnley who said "this first time mom would love to get her hands on a free hair holder!"

UPDATE May 3 - We had to pick a new winner after a week has passed and we have yet to hear from one of our winners. Sorry Carrie! The new winner is Stephanie!

Please e-mail us your shipping info and the shipping info for your lucky friend along with your Tassi color choices to talesfromthecrib(at)gmail(dot)com.

(If your lucky friend happens to live next door or you see them almost everyday, we can have both Tassi's shipped to you for personal delivery.)

Finally, for a limited time, if you buy two Tassi's you will receive FREE SHIPPING. And I know you will love your Tassi as much as I LOVE mine.

Thanks Shawna!


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