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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Freebies from the Crib: Kelly Couture

I am happy to say we have a handful of cool freebies lined up to giveaway these next few weeks! And before I share with you the gory details of the long-awaited birth of my son, I have to share this next freebie with you all. It comes to us from super cool, crazy-talented, MBA momma, Kelly of the esty shop Kelly Couture.

You never really know what uber-crafty project Kelly is working on at any one moment. She describes herself as craft ADD (which I thank her for, because I finally know how to describe myself as well). Right now, her shop is full gorgeous one-of-a-kind, hand-stamped, customized metal jewelry inspired by the birth of her second son.Kelly found herself wanting a piece of jewelry representing how important & precious her little kiddos were to her. Having a really specific idea set in her mind, she set out to look for it. She scoured the internet & came up with nothing. None of the jewelry she came across had the personality & uniqueness she was searching for or a price tag she could afford.
So, like any creative person, Kelly decided if she couldn't buy it, she would just have to make it herself. Immediately, Kelly got compliments on her hand stamped jewelry. And finally, after prodding from lots of friends & quite a few strangers, she decided to set up shop... and she's been busy ever since.

"It's such a great feeling knowing that someone, out there in the world, is anxiously awaiting something i've created. & i love making jewelry that is special & memorable to the wearer".

Kelly Couture tags filled with your kids names (or inspirational words) hung on a bracelet or a necklace couldn't make a more perfect Mother's Day gift (listen-up all you DH lurkers, May is just around the corner!). I can tell you right now, I have my necklace order already placed with my husband (and I have made sure Kelly knows exactly what I want too). And that is the great thing about kelly couture, if you don't see exactly what you want in her etsy store, just let her know and she will figure out how to give you exactly what you had in mind.
To the winner of this freebie, Kelly is offering any jewelry item from her shop up to $50. And since nothing in her shop is listed for over $45, you have so many choices!

Seriously, don't forget to pass the word along about Kelly Couture jewelry to everyone looking for that perfect, personalized gift for Mom or Grandma this Mother's Day.

You can also keep up with Kelly and her crafting ADD at her blog, according to kelly...

How to win this Freebie:
-You have until Friday (4/18), midnight EST to enter.
-Make a comment (any comment) on this post
-Please don't post under Anonymous - use a Blogger login or the "nickname" category.
-Winner will be randomly picked and announced Friday(4/19) morning.
-Please only enter (comment) once.
-Tales contributors are excluded from winning the freebies--sorry :(
-Freebies can only be shipped to US addresses.

What's with the Freebie?


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