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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Freebies from the Crib: Free Men and Dreamers

July's freebie comes from the very talented, Laurie (L.C.) Lewis--mom, grandma, multi-tasking fifty-something year-old, former RS/YW Pres/ Primary chorister, walnut brownie baker and a successful author. Laurie proves that it is never too late to become a momtrepreneur (or in her case a grandmatrepreneur too)!

Laurie is a mother of four who has always loved to write. After a stint as a Science-Education facilitator in their local school district, she applied her research skills to fleshing out her writing. Then, when the kids left home Laurie started traveling with her husband and fell in love with the people, cities and history all around her on the east coast. These travels and experiences helped Laurie bring her stories to life.

Soon after her first novel, Unspoken, was released in April of 2004, she began the research for the Free Men and Dreamers series, a work of historical fiction which illustrates the situation in America before the Restoration. The idea for this series had been brewing in her mind since two of her sons attended EFY in Willamsburg, Virginia a decade ago. She became so intrigued and awed by the richness of our colonial heritage that she began her research about the lifestyles of early America.

The first three books of the series detail the American struggle to retain independence during the War of 1812 and the impact that retreat from European influence had on the political, spiritual, and social lives of families both in America and Great Britain. The books follow five families, two British, three American, and consider how their efforts to "rise to the call of their country" impacted the demands of their private lives.

While Laurie believes the fictional lives of the families make for a great read, she is also very proud of the historical accurateness of the books as well. She worked closely with the primary historian of Colonial Philadelphia and received endorsements on the book from him as well as from the curator of Fort McHenry in Baltimore.

July's freebie is an autographed copy of book one of the Free Men and Dreamers series, Dark Sky at Dawn. You'll have just enough time to read it and get hooked before book two is released. Or if you are like me and have about 5 books already in the queue, it's never too early to start thinking about Christmas presents. I know my mom would devour this book. So make your comment and have a chance to win!

Bonus Free Stuff:

If you aren't lucky enough to win a copy of the book, order your own copy here or here and then email Laurie at lclewis2007 at gmail dot com and she'll send you an autographed bookplate signed to the person of your choice. If you do this, you will also be entered into a drawing for the Willow Tree Figurine called "Hero", to be awarded at the end of August.

Look here for a list of questions for book clubs to use to discuss Dark Sky at Dawn.

How to win this Freebie:
-You have until Friday (7/20) midnight EST to enter.
-Make a comment (any comment) on the post
-Please don't post under Anonymous - use a Blogger login or the "other" category.
-Winner will be randomly picked and announced Saturday (7/21) morning.
-Please only enter (comment) once.
-Tales contributors are excluded from winning the freebies--sorry :(
-Freebies can only be shipped to US addresses.

What's with the Freebie?


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