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Monday, March 19, 2007

Worst Pregnancy Symptoms

This is probably gross, to warn you, although if you don't mind talking about baby poop, maybe this isn't so bad.

Just wondering who else out there has had bizarre things happen to your body and mind when pregnant. Have any of you responded to the hormonal changes with murderous rage you almost can't control? Ever get the persistent itch condition that cannot be relieved to the point where you wake up bloody from scratching furiously all night?

Anyway, here's my list of the worst pregnancy symptoms that I am aware of:

-- Yeah, the nausea and vomiting can be horrible and you feel like you want to die, it's so bad. Once you start retching, the violent spasms just won't stop, and you spew up green bile and think, wait, did I accidentally drink antifreeze?

-- Growing skin tags down there -- a woman I heard about had one the size of a thumb on her butt, that the OB finally removed when she was almost 50. Who wants a creepy little flesh ball growing on your privates like a wild mushroom?

-- Getting so edgy and irritable that you can hardly keep yourself from telling your visiting teacher to go to Hell.

-- Developing a dark stripe on your areola that marks 3 o'clock on one breast, 9 o'clock on the other. (Okay, that's not so bad.)

-- Trying to rid your body of waste matter is as painful as vaginal birth, no pain meds either.

Now what about you?

And I have to end this by saying, yes, pregnancy can do crazy, painful things to your body, but I have to say it is all worth it to have the blessing of bearing children. I can't complain long when I think of all those couples out there who try everything, spend money on painful or expensive fertility methods, and maybe end up never having a baby. It's tough to even adopt a baby. So yes, I am very mindful of the incredible blessing it is to get pregnant, stay pregnant, and bear a healthy child. I do not take this for granted.


  • Okay, my least favorite is heartburn. The type of heartburn that is only mostly controlled by prescription medication, huge handfuls of Tums, careful diet, and sleeping sitting up. I hate it, and it's only getting worse with each pregnancy...

    Although losing control of your bladder while retching your guts out isn't a real joy, either.
    posted by Blogger Keryn at 3/19/2007 02:24:00 PM  

  • This is not the worst (I have very easy pregnancies), but I wonder if it is common:

    a rodent dream (mice or rats).

    My husband told me that was his grandmothers way of knowing if a woman was pregnant (they are African) and I had not heard of it, but it has happened with both my pregnancies. AM I alone in this?
    posted by Blogger a spectator at 3/19/2007 02:40:00 PM  

  • This is definitely not the worst, but very annoying: having to go to the bathroom every three minutes--literally! And one of its side effects is equally annoying: dry, chapped hands from washing your hands so frequently.
    posted by Blogger sunny at 3/19/2007 05:25:00 PM  

  • With all three pregnancies I develope a condition called excess salivation. Yeah, it means that I have so much spit in my mouth that I actually resorted to keeping a spitoon with me! It was awful and lasted for FIVE freaking months!
    posted by Blogger Ryann at 3/19/2007 06:44:00 PM  

  • with my first baby, I had horrible tail bone pain when I sat, but whenever I stood up it was so sharp and intense for a moment I had to consciously avoid screaming. every time, the whole last trimester.
    I actually had my husband push on it several times a day with both hands as hard as he could. The dr showed us how, and it helped for a little while.
    posted by Blogger cchrissyy at 3/19/2007 10:31:00 PM  

  • Don't know if this is the itch you were talking about, but with my first I developed PUPS (don't remember what that sttod for). I got a white bumpy rash on all of the "soft" flesh of my body: the underside of my arms, my inner thighs, sides of my breast and stomach. It itched so bad that I would wake up in the middle of the night bloody because I had scratched so much in my sleep. My Dr.'s response? "Well, we could give you steroid cream, but we don't know what that will do to the baby. Besides, you only have seven more weeks to go." AHHHHHH!!!!

    Other worsts: passing out from low blood pressure for the first 2/3 and super high BP for the last 1/3. Water gain, 9 lbs in one week (they induced that day). Hypothyroidism, migraines (still have those two). Then all the "normal" stuff.

    And my mom asked why we chose adoption for #3.
    posted by Anonymous mimi at 3/20/2007 08:30:00 AM  

  • I don't know if I can read this blog anymore.
    posted by Blogger Maria Tortilla at 3/20/2007 10:49:00 AM  

  • PUPPPs was worse for me than the actual delivery--mimi, your doctor was an idiot ;)

    I hate the sciatic pain. Rage is a big problem for me--well, it wasn't a problem ME, maybe just for everyone else.
    posted by Blogger Azúcar at 3/20/2007 02:36:00 PM  

  • I grow moles. Weird, harmless little moles. I have one on my hand from #2, one on my other hand from #3 and one under my breast from #4. Weird.

    Hemeroids. Hemmroids? How the heck do you spell that? Yeah, anyways, that is the WORST. And heartburn. And nausea. Oh, and I hate the rage hormones, too. Crying, screaming, laughing all within 5 minutes does a number on anybody in the room --plus myself.

    maria tortilla-
    There are some good sides, too! Like my hair grows long and thick and is just gorgeous; and my acne goes completely away. No pimples! Not a rash! (yes, I know, that's not normal) And my skin just glows with health. You may have the same some day, too. You never know! :) Also, I bet most of these women will tell you that it is ABSOLUTELY worth it. No doubt, I would do it all 4 times again to get my 4 beauties. And I'm hoping to do it at least once more in the future... :)
    posted by Blogger Cheryl at 3/20/2007 04:57:00 PM  

  • Squiddy,

    I like how your list makes me laugh even though what you are talking about it truly wretched.

    Please don't start throwing rocks, but both my pregnancies have been pretty nice on my body and demeanor. (maybe that's another reason why I think I want a big family). God bless all of you who go through such miserable pregnancy symptoms and do it more than once!

    I did have horrible sciatica with my first pregnancy. I think it was payback for making fun of waddling pregnant women in the past. The pain was so intesnse that it caused me to waddle even before I was "showing". Not fun.
    posted by Blogger TftCarrie at 3/20/2007 07:51:00 PM  

  • Let me preface this by saying, I HATE being pregnant. Love the babies, hate the pregnancies.

    I get annoying little bumps on my arms. They don't itch. They just look like red pimples, all over my upper arms. And they take a year after I'm not pregnant anymore before they go away.

    Throwing up is the worst. And it makes it impossible to keep your pregnancy from anyone when your throwing up 5 times a day for 4.5 months straight.

    Being tired constantly . . .

    My naturally curly hair goes completely straight because of the harmones when I'm pregnant. So I have a 5-6 inch straight patch from the top of my hair down after each pregnancy. And what makes it worse is when the curly stuff starts growing back in on the top, and the straight patch is in the middle of all the curly. I usually cut my hair short after delivery. Either that or straighten it every day.

    Ligament pain, I don't know if there is a technical term. But from 6 months on it hurt to walk. By 7.5 months it hurt so bad I would stop mid-flight of stairs and just cry. I bought one of those belt things that support your belly, and it helped . . . but it still hurt. And apparently it gets worse with every kid . . .

    The all time worst thing about pregnancy has got to be bleeding for 4-9 weeks after delievery.
    posted by Blogger Trivial Mom at 3/20/2007 09:59:00 PM  

  • Trivial mom, I have those lovely bumps all the time and have been to two doctors who have yet to tell me how to get rid of them. It's three-quarter length sleeves for me, I guess.

    I hated pregnancy and I hated that I felt guilty for hating it. Has anyone else had that feeling?
    People would ask me how I felt and I wanted to scream. Throwing up, weight gain, Freddy Kreuger-esque stretch marks, bloody noses, shooting back pain, bladder issues, etc, had me seriously doubting the divine design of the whole reproductive process.

    Of course, one look at my newborn baby and I knew I would do it all over again, so there has to be something divine about that, right?

    But I would like to know -- why didn't anyone tell me about the nightmarish things that happen AFTER you have a baby? Is there some sort of sisterhood, and if so, am I also sworn to secrecy?
    posted by Blogger Natalie at 3/20/2007 10:50:00 PM  

  • If God is as nice as I hope He is, all of these women who suffer horribly and feel tortured to bring spirits into the world have earned the Celestial kingdom!

    Personally, I think my sinfulness outweighs my pregnancy suffering, so I'll have to do extra credit. But many of you out there kinda deserve a free ride after what you've endured (itchers, especially, although bad hair and two-month long periods come close).

    The rodent dream thing is kind of funny. I never heard of it before, but do cat dreams count? I felt bad during my first pregnancy because I never dreamed about babies. I just dreamed about mothering a bunch of stinky cats.
    posted by Blogger Squiddy at 3/21/2007 09:14:00 AM  

  • Natalie - YES! I totally felt the same way. And I definitely felt super guilty for not "enjoying" my pregnancy more b/c I had previously suffered a miscarriage. I am secretly envious of all those women out there who LOVE being pregnant. Maybe with my next....?????

    Squiddy - funny post (even thought I also feel like gagging a little bit). I almost expected you to announce that you were preggers again though!!!
    posted by Blogger Beth at 3/21/2007 01:18:00 PM  

  • Well, I am one of those happy pregnant women. I love being PG and don't have too much to complain about. However, I am a small busted mama and with my first they grew 2 sizes over night, I swear! I went from little grapes to cantalopes! As a result I have the worst stretch marks on my shriveled up raisins now!
    Also, cravings are a constant thing when I am pregnant and they are always changing. With my third I craved jalapenos. I topped everything with jalapenos. Then one day I couldn't resist and ate the whole jar of jalapenos!! And I never got heartburn, an upset stomach or the poopies after! Crazy!
    posted by Anonymous idaho at 3/21/2007 04:13:00 PM  

  • Natalie, I felt the same way.

    I've never liked being pregnant. I mean besides all the horrible symptoms, you get fat! Who could really like that??!!!

    But with my second (unexpected) pregnancy, I was so upset that I got a touch of depression. And to make the whole thing worse, I felt guilty for hating that fact that I was pregnant. I spent a lot of nights crying because I was crying because I was pregnant.

    That guilt is the worst.
    posted by Blogger Trivial Mom at 3/22/2007 07:40:00 AM  

  • I have to agree to disagree... I HATE being pregnant. Hate it, hate it, hate it!! I love my babies, but hated the process of getting them here. No real reason other than feeling like a complete alien has taken over my body.
    posted by Blogger Zinone at 3/22/2007 09:10:00 AM  

  • This is my fourth pregnancy after a 5 year break, everything seems different this time around. I had to laugh about telling your VT to go to Hell and the constipation. Those are my two biggest complaints.
    I wish I could stop anticipating the end and just enjoy each day. My younger sister just had her first baby with 24hrs of labor, that changed my attitude so now I'm happy to keep my little one in the incubator a little longer :)
    posted by Blogger indypokey at 4/04/2007 11:54:00 AM  

  • I googled feeling miseable because this is how I feel at 11 weeks. This site made me laugh and reminded me I am not alone, although my siblings eho have no kids think it's all in my head. my husband helps alot, but still im sooo symptomatic: heavy rhnitis, cotton mouth, metal mouth, nausea, diarehha, low energy, gaggy, weak, i cant wait for the joy in t he end. for now im praying daily.
    posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 9/07/2009 08:34:00 PM  

  • this is my first pregnancy...so I have no idea what to expect...this blog made me feel better about not being alone in feeling so miserable. I'm at 9 weeks and I have nausea the entire day...I can feel it when I'm sleeping. Plus add onto it the horrible mood swings I feel quite mad :( When does the nausea end....is there any hope that it will go away...
    posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 9/15/2009 10:44:00 PM  

  • my weirdest symptom so far is my eyes crossing. they think from the hormones and previous concusions i've had in the past are causing my eyes to turn inward and cause double vision. let me tell you, the headaches get worse because the double vision makes everything worse!!!!
    posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 2/16/2010 08:46:00 AM  

  • Least Favorite symptom...let's see. #1 would be the migrains that lasted for 14 days straight! I was so miserable. This happened around week 13 of my pregnancy. Next up would be the bad taste I had in my mouth the entire second half of my first trimester and beginning of my second Trimester. I was constantly sucking on candy or chewing gum. It was so bad I would throw up from the taste. Now, in week 33, I will say that the rediculous amount of swelling in my legs, ankles, and feet is absolutely aweful!! I don't drink soda, but I'm on my feet at work all day. Even on my days off it doesnt take long for my feet to swell. I can only wear tennis shoes. My last complaint..My last 3 fingers in my right had randomly go numb. Apparently it's due to water retention and is carpel tunnel and "should" go away after the birth, but un til then, it will happen. I can't wait to see this sweet little boy. :)
    posted by Anonymous sarebear6 at 1/02/2011 06:33:00 PM  

  • This all is making me feel so much better. This is my first pregnancy and im at week 26 and i feel like a complete zombie most days. I feel as though my back is going to give out all the time.. my feet are swollen and i have weird red bumps on random areas. Ive never had pimples my whole life and now i have them. I feel like the laziest woman on earth even though my boyfriend tells me im not. Im kind of double sided on liking and not liking pregnancy. I don't like all the crap my body has to go through.. or my stomach feeling like an aliens coming out of it. But i do like thinking about what she's going to be like and i love feeling her move. I especially love it when my boyfriend feels her move. But honestly.. i can't wait until this is over. 14 weeks and counting..
    posted by Blogger Nicole at 3/16/2011 09:17:00 AM  

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  • regular exercise has helped every single of my pregnancy symptoms to a very large degree! AND makes recovery so much easier. please try it!!!
    posted by Blogger Ambry & Shane at 7/19/2011 03:54:00 PM  

  • Regular exercise has made the biggest difference in how my pregnancies go. It helped every symptom that I've dealt with from nausea to restless legs to anger to crazy dreams! please try it! It also makes recovering so much better!
    posted by Blogger Ambry & Shane at 7/19/2011 03:56:00 PM  

  • Well, mine is the worst, aside from nausea and vomiting, i have this very sticky saliva at the back of my throat all the time and it doesn't go away even if I spit it out every minute! on top of it all, I have excessive saliva that I'm drooling all the time! :((
    posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 4/18/2012 05:54:00 AM  

  • I get pregnancy induced kidney stones. I never had them pre-pregnancy and they go away after I deliver. I'm in week 12 of my third pregnancy and drinking water like a fish to try and keep them away. My constant need to be mad at everyone is also disurbing.
    posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 4/21/2012 08:14:00 PM  

  • What the heck? Where did that come from lol
    posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 6/13/2012 06:39:00 AM  

  • Pregnancy Stages are easy to recognize - even more so when you've been pregnant before. Whether this is your first, second, or third pregnancy,Pregnancy Symptoms the signs and after if you are looking for new baby names and Name Meanings vist..thebabywebsite.com
    posted by Blogger khusbhu at 6/22/2012 02:35:00 AM  

  • I wish that was all I had to worry about. I had symphisis pubis dysfunction and pregnancy related carpal tunnel syndrome. What that essentially means is I couldn't walk, sit, stand or lie down, and I couldn't use my hands for anything either. Talk about crippled! By the end, all I could do was type and watch TV. Give me skin tags anyday.
    posted by Blogger Ciara Ballintyne at 8/23/2012 05:31:00 PM  

  • This is my second pregnancy I am only 7 weeks and this pregnancy is by far the worst! I am nauseous all day everyday. Migraines all the time! I feel like complete crap! I don't like a lot of foods right now so it is hard to keep food down without throwing up. My energy level is really low all I want to do is sleep I feel worse waking up then I did going to sleep. I cry pretty much all the time because i feel absolutely horrible! I am praying this stops very soon, I definitely had a much easier pregnancy with my first one.
    posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 9/15/2012 01:30:00 AM  

  • Spitting all the time, no energy at all, vomitting at least 3 timesa day. This is the worst pregnancy I have ever had!!!! Irritated and annoyed easily. And everything including my boyfriend stinks.
    posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 9/18/2012 05:34:00 PM  

  • This is my first pregnancy, & I'm only 6 weeks but I'm already miserable. I was one of those women who 'knew' I was pregnant before I even took a test. The very first symptom I had was terrible gas. Then came the stomach cramps, extreme bloating & sore nipples. Now, the latest & most unbearable hell my body has decided to put me thru is a fever that hasn't gone away for about a week now, coupled with a constant runny nose & headache, & of course being soooo tired & weak that I hardly want to move, let alone go to work. But I will say, that most of the time, work actually helps me feel better. When I'm up & moving around I feel less exhausted & achey. & seeing all these other things people are going thru makes me feel half lucky, & half scared to death that one of those crazy symptoms could be what's next for me. lol
    posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 11/08/2012 04:52:00 AM  

  • Ugh. Where do I start? I had hypermesis, a bizarre morning sickness that prevented me from keeping down anything, even my own stomach bile, even with medications, sea bands and every known form of ginger. I had to go to the ER 5 times for severe dehydration. It somewhat ended at 12 weeks but I still throw up once or twice a day. So far the symptoms that have carried over into the second trimester also suck, really bad. Heart palpitations, the feeling of a heavey chest, weak heart and shortness of breath. God forbid I try to walk up stairs. Hot flashes, cold spells. Dry cracked lips, horrid flakey dry pimple skin on my face. Uncontollable hair growth all over my body, yet clumps of head hair falling out in the shower. Massive headaches that last for hours, sometimes whole days, that can only be dulled by complete darkness, silence and ice packs on my head. Exhaustion, just pure fatigue! I have to sit down after walking to the kitchen for water, then take a nap when I get back to the couch! Dizziness, the kind that makes it impossible to drive. Shakiness, like the kind you get when you havent eaten. Fainting spells that caused my to whack my face on a chair. Massive constipation that was replaced by diarreah at 12 weeks. I cant win!

    And now that ive entered my second trimester, new symptoms have joined the already intolerable ones. Like bleeding. Imagine my horror when I went to the bathroom only to drop a massive amount of blood out of my uterus! No, not a miscarriage. Turns out, I have a hematoma in my uteris, next to the baby, just bleeding out. Forget the convenience of not having a period! I will have one, non-stop, for the next 24 weeks! Cramps and all! Plus I cant take pain meds for this because im allergic to ibuprofen and tylenol even if I could take them while pregnant! And the doctor wants to see me every week instead of every 4! Then the mood swings started at 13 or 14 weeks. Eye dryness. Bad taste in mouth. Heartburn. Ugh!

    Im only 16 weeks and have gain 1, yes ONE, pound compared to my prepregnancy weight because I lost over 15 in my first trimester.

    Whats ironic is my first two pregnancies were a breeze! I was the happy hippie earth mother who loved pregnancy! This third one blows! Oh and did I mention that because I have 'spontanious delivery' my labors are more painful than most women because my cervix dialates insanely fast!? My daughter was 2.5 hours of labor. We barely made it to the hospital with my son at 1 hour and 15 minutes of labor. All the doctors and midwives agree this one could be in less than an hour. Ill take your 16 hours of separated contractions anyday. There is no timing contractions with me. They START at 30 seconds apart and grow to consistent within minutes. Oh how im anticipating the pain of my cervix ripping open instantly.

    This is the third and the last. I cant take this!
    posted by Blogger Kristin Ekstrom at 12/10/2012 07:10:00 PM  

  • I am going on my 11th week, this is my first pregnancy and I am having an awful experience! All day every day I'm sick to the point my stomach hurts and I'm so restless I can't sleep! Does this Ever go away? It's literally driving me crazy!! I hate food but am so hungry! It feels like the stomach flu every day, with no relief but at least I'm not throwing up!

    posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 8/05/2013 03:40:00 AM  

  • This is my first pregnancy, and I could tell I was pregnant even before taking a test. One of my worst symptoms is a really strong pain in my tail bone that'll last a few days. It hurts to stand, sit, or anything. I also have this weird thing where I constantly feel like I need to either burp or gag neither or which ever happens. It just feels gross. Luckily, (at least so far) I've not had any morning sickness. I've also had the weird cold-like symptoms which are definitely not fun. I sneeze about a thousand times a day, which of course is hard when you can't control your bladder anyway. And sneezing gives me really sharp pains in my stomach.
    posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 9/09/2013 05:37:00 PM  

  • Pregnancy always change the woman's life. The signs mentioned above are the most common pregnancy symptoms. If you have never been pregnant before, they can be quite bewildering. For this reason, it may be a good idea to keep a pregnancy calendar handy for your own reference and reassurance.
    posted by Blogger Jeba at 11/10/2014 09:07:00 PM  

  • Pregnancy symptoms: Important Facts for Woman. Pregnancy symptoms is the most amazing and beautiful journey in women’s life with full up and down in emotional and physical change for complete 40 week duration starting from first day of her last menstrual cycle till child birth.
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