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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Rite-Aid Haiku

in the checkout line
gripping my Vics and Nyquil
hazy with the flu

two girls curse and slur
punching and slapping ensue
oops....one is pregnant

white suburbanites
observe with looks of horror
I only want sleep

now walking outside
expecting the stale Queens air
wait....I'm in Reston


    posted by Blogger beth at 3/12/2008 02:30:00 PM  

  • I think we need to start a weekly haiku series. This is great Jen, so funny!
    posted by Blogger marian at 3/12/2008 02:37:00 PM  

  • Dang. I hope you feel better. I wish I knew how to write a haiku, I would be game.
    posted by Blogger Kage at 3/12/2008 04:55:00 PM  

  • the science of it is pretty simple - 5 syllable line, 7 syllable line, 5 syllable line. The tough part is the art of expressing yourself in so few words...
    posted by Blogger marian at 3/12/2008 05:58:00 PM  

  • a haiku series would be awesome.

    as i read this i was picturing queens the whole time. forgot you aren't there anymore.

    marian - this might be the first time you have explained something without putting some cool link to the history of, or top haiku website or something.
    posted by Blogger Melissa at 3/12/2008 07:42:00 PM  

  • thanks guys...I'm not sure why I was inspired to write a haiku, as I don't think I've tried to write one since....maybe the 7th grade. Must have been all the meds in my system. Anyways, it made me forget how bad I was feeling for...say 15 minutes.
    posted by Blogger Jen at 3/12/2008 07:59:00 PM  

  • I think 7th grade was the last time I wrote a haiku as well. Love yours.

    And isn't cold season over yet? Eegads.

    Hope you feel better soon.
    posted by Blogger TftCarrie at 3/12/2008 08:09:00 PM  

  • 1) Love the haiku, Jen - isn't everything clearer with a haiku?

    2) I vote that we make this a new feature of the Tales blog. Thoughts?

    3) I love that although Marian did NOT use a cool link to teach us she still started off her comment with "the science of it..." - that Marian, such a smartie :)
    posted by Blogger Chloe at 3/12/2008 09:23:00 PM  

  • chloe:

    regarding #2 - let's go for it.

    You're next.
    posted by Blogger TftCarrie at 3/12/2008 09:33:00 PM  

  • Oh SNAP...

    OK, I'm on it...
    posted by Blogger Chloe at 3/12/2008 09:34:00 PM  

  • chloe- Could be a cool intro to your next stroller post.
    posted by Blogger TftCarrie at 3/12/2008 09:39:00 PM  

  • I *think* I'm supposed to be flattered that you all find me so helpful and knowledgeable? I'll take it.
    posted by Blogger marian at 3/13/2008 06:50:00 AM  

  • absolutely you should be flattered! I just meant that usually you bust out some amazing link. this time you did not disappoint, but you educated sans the link.

    can't wait for the stroller haiku.
    posted by Blogger Melissa at 3/13/2008 08:30:00 AM  

  • CRAP...OK, stroller haiku...

    I'll muse on it whilst I am in the dentist chair this morning...having a freakin' ROOT CANAL...
    posted by Blogger Chloe at 3/13/2008 08:39:00 AM  

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