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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

kid speak

I went into the TV room where my son Max (age 4.5) was watching a show, to find him standing on a chair holding a ball in the air, going to throw it.

"B*tch the ball mommy!" he says
"um, what?" I say
"B*tch the ball!" he says
"I think you mean pitch the ball. Puh.. Puh.. pitch."
"No mommy, b*tch the ball. It's what you say when you throw it. B*tch!" he says, as he throws it.
Me, picking up the ball, "It's pitch buddy"
"No, b*tch!" he says, throwing it again, "b*tch the ball mommy"
"Do you mean fetch? Fetch the ball?"
"Oh, yeah. Fetch. Fetch it mommy!"

ohhhhhhhh goodness.


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