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Monday, September 11, 2006

I Remember...

I remember noticing what a beautiful blue sky it was that morning right before I headed down to catch the train.

I remember thinking "how tragic" when I first saw the towers burning, looking down from Sixth Ave, while not really knowing yet how truly tragic it would turn out to be.

I remember feeling weak in my knees when someone on the street told me 2 suicide aircraft were involved.

I remember seeing a woman crumbling onto the sidewalk in tears as she held the receiver of the corner pay phone.

I remember feeling panicked.

I remember being grateful that I knew exactly where my dh was and that he was safe.
I remember feeling frustrated that I couldn't reach him on his cell phone.

I remember being relieved when I got through to my parents to tell them I was okay.

I remember crying on the phone with my parents as we witnessed the towers falling, me through my office window in NY and they from their tv in CA.

I remember trying to remain composed even though my mind reeled on the brink of hysteria.

I remember worrying about my bishop, other members of the ward, and my co-workers roomate who all worked at or near the towers.

I remember praying.

I remember the compassion in my bosses voice as she invited me to her home when I was too shaken to walk the 100 blocks to mine alone.

I remember the sounds of airplanes overhead and hoping they were the "good guys."

I remember feeling terrified.
I remember thinking "Now I really know why these people are called terrorists."

I remember being thankful for brave NYC firefighters and police officers.

I remember watching the never-ending news coverage.
I remember wanting to turn the tv off.
I remember that I just couldn't do it.

I remember I couldn't stop crying.
I remember that I didn't want to.

I remember feeling unsafe.

I remember feeling trapped.

I remember fanticizing about moving to Nebraska

I remember feeling sadder than I had ever felt before.

I remember wondering if life could ever be "normal" again.

I remember feeling like the only place I could breathe was when I was being held in dh's arms.

I remember my sweet dog, sugar, getting a bad case of the shakes in response to my horrible anxiety.

I remember pouring over hundreds of "Have you seen me?" signs hoping that I would have seen someone.
I remember pouring over the same signs a few days later mourning those that were gone.

I remember wanting to give blood.
I remember hearing that they didn't need anymore blood because there weren't many survivors.

I remember feeling helpless.

I remember standing in the Manhattan church building a few days after, holding hands with a stranger, and listening to the calming words of the prophet, Gordon B. Hinkley.

I remember the horrible smell in the air as the wind shifted north.

I remember crying on the subway my first day back to work because I was sure someone was going to bomb the subway station and I would surely die.

I remember sitting at my desk on sept 14th trying to pick new colors for a plaid fabric and realizing how, in the grand scheme of things, my job was so meaningless.

I remember the overwhelming feeling of wanting to start a family.

I remember feeling proud of all the humanity shown that day but that feeling just couldn't make up for the dispair I felt over the inhumanity that occurred that day.

Today I will choose to remember but tomorrow I will go back to wishing I could forget.

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