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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Improving Your Family Photo Skills

So you want to photograph for posterity?

So I am going to be making a few posts every once and a while with tips or bits of information about photography and how to photograph your family.


A really easy way to improve your photographic skills is to look at other people's photos (be it your neighbor or a professional).

The internet is a fantastic source for endless images. Or take some time to go to your local book store. Look at magazines or photo books.

You can look for ideas in the composition (how the objects are arranged ie, centered, to the side, asymetrical, etc) or color (all bright colors, all pale colors, complimentary colors, analagus colors (ie. all warm colors)). Also the angle at which the photo was taken can add interest to the subject.

extra FYI:
Why do people get red eye in photos?
In the back of our eyes there are loads of blood vessels which keep our eyes working. Most of the time we can't see them because light is not usually shining directly at them. When a flash photo is taken at a direct angle, the flash is right in line to reveal all those vessels.
Some cameras have "red eye reducers"- they have a small flash before the real flash - this encourages our puples to get smaller and thus let less light into the back of our eye.
How to avoid red eye altogether?
When possible don't use the flash.


  • Digital cameras are great because they allow everyone to take pictures like a pro--take lots--since there is no restriction on film or printing.

    One of my favorite things about a digital is that I can choose to make the picture Black and White after the photo is taken.

    Also--I am a big fan of candids.
    posted by Blogger a spectator at 4/06/2006 09:01:00 PM  

  • If you are a photo buff and you use digital.
    Check out Smugmug.com
    It is the best photo sharing site out there.
    There is a small annual fee, but it is worth every penny.

    You never have to put in a email to view photos and they actually save them at full resolution. Which doesn't happen at the free sites.

    I can't say enough good about this site.

    It makes me want to take more pictures.
    posted by Blogger Abby at 4/06/2006 09:16:00 PM  

  • Abby, so that I don't threadjack, I added a post about digital photo websites, so that we can converse about that, just scroll down a little bit on the home page.

    As for inspiration. Great ideas Helen. I too like to get inspiration from other photographs. I recently tried to recreate one, and I will be getting the film developed today. I hope it worked. If it does, will post.
    posted by Blogger Kage at 4/07/2006 05:41:00 AM  

  • Helen, I am so glad you are starting this series as I did not have time to finish my photography lessons with you while I was still in NY. I am looking forward to hearing all of your tips.

    I love the idea of collecting inspiration. I have a binder where I keep all my magazine inspiration tears. One of the sections is for photography, but I haven't added anything into it for a while. Thanks for bring it to the front of my mind!
    posted by Blogger TftCarrie at 4/08/2006 08:44:00 PM  

  • happy nanny- seems like we have a lot in common

    i love my name is asher lev, and some of the same music. Also, I am a photography major. What kind of equipment do you use? How did you get started? I am looking to open a studio out of my home when i finish school. I shoot nikon d80
    posted by Anonymous Desiree at 3/22/2007 09:01:00 AM  

  • also, check out photo.net i learn so much there.
    posted by Anonymous desiree at 3/22/2007 09:05:00 AM  

  • also, check out photo.net i learn so much there.
    posted by Anonymous desiree at 3/22/2007 09:05:00 AM  

  • "How to avoid red eye altogether?
    When possible don't use the flash."
    I think i'ts wrong. doesn't mention the use of an external flash uniti an ceiling bouncing techniques.
    posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 12/15/2008 07:49:00 AM  

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