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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

What a Mormon Woman Should Wear To a Cocktail Party

Rosalynde said...
Carrie (or anyone)--

I have a recurring fashion conundrum that stumps me every time: the cocktail party. I have to go to a number of these for my husband's work, and I never know what I should wear. In the past I've worn a black blouse, black-and-white knee-length pencil skirt, and black knee boots---but that feels more clubbish than cocktail party, especially with all the other women in halter dresses or spaghetti straps and stilletos. The problem, of course, modesty. I recently found a black-and-champagne short-sleeved, knee length silk dress, which I like, but it still feels a little churchy. Any suggestions for suitable yet modest cocktail attire?


Definitely get yourself a great/sexy pair of black shoes - thin heel and strappy or with a pointy toe (doesn't have to be stiletto, kitten heels are great and more comfortable for most cocktail parties).

I think the thing for making modest work at a cocktail party is having something in the outfit that is a little "flashy" - a purse, a brooch, big "diamond" earrings, a shirt that has sequins (even if it is a more casual style). A great look is to find a camisole with some lace and sequins at the top (I think I even saw something like this in Old Navy the other day) and wear it under a fitted white button shirt with a black skirt. Throw on those sexy shoes that you just bought and grab your silver clutch and you are out the door!

Also, every women needs a little black dress. Every Mormon woman needs a modest little black dress. These can be really hard to find. This means, the time to look for such a dress is NOT right before the office Christmas party. You have to be on the lookout ALL YEAR LONG. If you see one, snatch it up. I promise it will get well worn. Just remember: go for simple and classic. You can wear something like this year after year after year by updating it with new accessories (my little black jersey wrap dress is so versitile, I can even wear it while pregnant! I love that dress! 5 years and still going strong).

Right now is also the time to go out and pick up some "shrugs". That's what they are calling the little cropped shirts/sweaters that either tie in the front or sometimes button with one button. They are so popular right now - you can get them in just about every color and with all sorts of little trims (including sequins!). You can take these little guys and wear them over any number of strappy dresses (you just don't have the option of taking it off--but no one will know that). They are so much more flattering than a regular cardigan (which are a little matronly in my opinion) and they give you a little more freedom with the styles you can try on.

The bottom line is stay simple with the actual outfit and concentrate on the shoes, earrings and bag!!!!


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