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Monday, September 11, 2006

Journal Entry a Week after September 11th

Saturday September 18, 2001 (18 weeks pregnant):

. . . . [DH] works downtown about two buildings away from the Trade Center. When I got off the train Tuesday morning on the way to work, the second plane had just hit and I could see smoke pouring form the buildings. Someone said a plane had crashed into them, so I thought it was a small prop plane or something and that it was an accident.

I ran up to my office to call [DH] and make sure he was ok. [DH’s] stop is right at the World Trade Center and they bypassed the stop because the first plane had already hit. As he came up to ground level he heard the second plane hit and looking up, he saw the buildings on fire. He ran up into his office to tell his co-workers what had happened, but the place was empty. That is when I called. He said that his building had been evacuated and that he was going to head home. I knew that all the trains had been shut down so I asked him how he was getting here. He said he would walk.

I didn’t hear from him for about 45 minutes. During which time I learned, from the radio and friends and family from around the country instant messaging me, that it was terrorists and about the pentagon. My co-worker’s finance´ was supposed to be in one of the buildings that morning for a meeting and she was completely hysterical until we found out that he was ok. My friend from Texas instant messaged me that the buildings had fallen down. I was only 20 blocks away and people from outside the state knew more then I did. I didn’t believe it at first, but as I looked out the window there was a huge dust cloud covering the sky. I was starting to panic about [DH] and being a widow with a baby on the way when he walked in to my office. —That is when I started crying with relief. We talked to our parents and told them we were fine.

He had stayed to watch and had been about two blocks away when the first building fell. He saw people jumping out of top floor windows. He ran up Broadway just ahead of the dust cloud. The city had completely shut down and there was no way in or out. We stayed in my office (on 14th and Union Square) for a couple of hours listening to the news. Then we decided to walk home. We met [the branch president] as his office and [another member]. Everyone in the Branch was accounted for except for a couple of the youth who attend High School near the Trade Center. Now we know they are ok though.We walked up to the 59th street Bridge. Hundreds of other people were walking uptown too. Some were covered with dirt. It looked like we were refugees. It was very surreal because the rest of the city looked normal, except for all of the people walking and it was so quiet. As we crossed over the east river into Queens, I looked to where the World Trade Center had been. There was nothing there but tons and tons of smoke.

Fighter pilots were flying overhead. We finally got home around 3:00 and watched the news till midnight. It all started to sink in as we saw the complete destruction. It looked like a war zone. [DH] couldn’t go to work this week. Everything from 14th street down is closed. Wednesday we just stayed glued to the news, which was going 24 hours with no commercials, and cried and talked to family and friends who were worried. Last night the wind shifted, and the smoke from the buildings was blowing into Queens. It smelled so bad that I awoke from a sound sleep—the window was even closed. I will never forget that acrid burning smell.

Friday, President Bush came to the city and yesterday was a national day of Prayer and Remembrance. At noon today we attended a special broadcast from Salt Lake, at the Stake Center in Manhattan. It was conducted by President Hinckley. It is nice to see the nation unified, patriotic, and returning to prayer and religion. I hope it continues as the nation rebuilds. I really think that the second coming has begun and that these events are just the beginning. Even though I am sad, I also feel strangely calm. I am so grateful that I have the gospel and the companionship of the Holy Ghost.

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